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Update... Thank you all.


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Hi All.

I am a new member to this board. It has given me great comfort reading everyones posts knowing that they have the same common cause.

I lost my father today. It was a little over two months since he was first diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer and mets to the brain. I week after his 10th treatment, he had a rapid decline. My father was hospitalized since January 5th and then was moved to a skilled nursing facility on February 1st. He was in the facility for one week before he passed on.

We knew his condition was grave when we moved him last week. Reading the book, "Crossing the creek" was so instrumental in my comfort. Thank you Janet for sending me the book.

My father waited till my sister showed up to be with him today. Three of my four siblings were with him when he passed. He knew my sister was there when she touched him. His whole breathing changed and then he peacefully passed.

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Hopefully some day there will be an actual cure.

My prayers go out to all of you!

Dad - I love you and will miss you.



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YOu Have my deepest condolences at this difficult time in Life. I know it is hard but grieve away and don't hide it. Many prayers for you and your Family right now and everything will be okay.

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I am so sorry Christopher for the passing of your dad. I know how heart wrenching that can be.

He had a beautiful passing as his family was all around him. Keep those memories of him deep within your heart and and he will always live on in you.

Peace be with you.


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Oh Christopher,

My heart goes out to you. How difficult to lose your Dad in such a short time. I wish you could have found us sooner too ~ for the support you need. But we can help support you now. Please accept my sincere condolences. I noticed you signed you post with 'love'. Well, Christopher I am loving you right back.


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Christopher -

My heart aches for you. Yet, I am so happy that your dad's passing was peaceful...take great comfort in that.

I, too know the pain of losing a parent. Somehow you just keep going on...my thoughts are with you and your family.


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Christopher, I am so sorry for your loss, I too lost my Dad 11 days ago. It is very hard to be here in this section of the message board - I want to be one of the ones sharing encouragement and hope on how my loved one is beating the odds.....but I can't. I am so glad that your father didn't have an extended period of suffering and that he was surrounded by those who loved him when he passed. We must find a cure for this disease - it is so devastating, so cruel, and so scary.

Thank you for your prayers as well, we all need them. This is so hard.......I don't want to let go---not ready :cry::cry:

Take care Christopher, I know what you are going through. My thoughts are with you and everyone suffering because of this miserable disease.


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