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Third anniversary - Big Girl Panty Day!


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Just wanted to share in a big day, tomorrow is my three-year anniversary of being CANCER FREE! Three years ago, February 10th was on a Monday, the scariest Monday of my life, so far. The close second scariest actually became scarier after midnight therefore making it a scary Tuesday...

I'm still wearing those big girl panties, I DO change them daily, though.

Being three years out, I'd like to share that there are STILL monsters under my bed. There are still monsters lurking in the corners of my brain, waiting to kick me when I'm down and drag me into the darkness of helplessness. I keep fresh batteries in my flashlight and replace my baseball bat after I break it over the head of one of those darn monsters. They still come, but not nearly as often as they used to.

Never turn your back on cancer, face the monster head on. Put on your big girl panties and get over it.

Love to all,


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Warmest congratulations on your 3 year milestone....and I'm glad to hear that you're successfully fending off those monsters too. They can be tenacious buggers, and I still let them get too close to me once in a while, but I guess we're all working on keeping them out of our way.

Anyway, I couldn't be happier for you....keep up the good results!


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Congrats on your 3 years..

I know it would sound horribly selfish to say that although I hate that your here, I'm also glad that you're on here, that its been great having your company on this journey, that its comforting to know that you are out there fighting monsters too, maybe not physically alongside me but at least in spirit.......and hey, you always have those fresh batteries.. :shock:

SOOOOOO of course I won't say all THAT, since I am not at all selfish! 8)

Anyway, you go girlfriend...make sure you do something to celebrate that involves chocolate!!

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Yo Beck,

I love your "Attietude" and your wit. Thank you so much for all your support. I look forward to reading your posts.

BIG CONGRATS ON 3 YEARS!!! :mrgreen: Your rule, girl big girl panties and all!!!!!!!! :D

Love ya


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Hey Becky,

I got my dancin' shoes and party hat all ready for today!!!!! What a great feeling, huh? 3 WHOLE YEARS!!! FANTASTIC!!! What a SURVIVOR!

Becky, you were one that I always looked to when I first came to this board. You were inspirational and always so level-headed. Steered me straight more than one time...I am here to tell you. Like Debi, I am glad you are here.....that you have blazed the trail for so many of us. It has been comforting to me to know that you, too, have monsters from time to time. Now I know I need a baseball bat and flashlight. See??? We need you here to help us know how to fight the demons!!!! I certainly will never turn my back on cancer AND I have an abundant supply of big girl panties. Thanks for all the tips :wink: !

Congratulations, Miss Snowflake. May you celebrate MANY more anniversaries AND may you be doing it here with US! Oh, I sure hope so!!!!

Thanks for all you contribute here. I will be loooking for ya at the Pub later???? Waddaya say???



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