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Awesome sex


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An elderly couple was celebrating their aniversary at a resturant. The man said "Sweetheart do you remember the first time we made love? It was out back of this place up against the fence."

She assured him that she remembered. Then he asked if she would like to do it again in rememberance of the first time. She agreed so they each picked up their walker and slowing made their way to the door.

Setting at the next table a man just could't help but overhear the conversation. He decided he would follow and see what would happen just for fun.

The couple threw down their walkers and she raised her dress while the man undid his pants Then they leaned against the fence. Then they started were screaming and jumping and moaning. The man watching just couldn't believe what he was seeing. He couldn't help but wonder if his parents still did the same thing and if it was that good.

He stood there in awe watching for a half hour. Finally they both fell to the ground exhausted.

The man just couldn't stand it any more. He had to ask how they could keep it up for so long. So he approached and asked " I don't mean to spy on you but what I just saw was amazing. How do you still do that at your age?"

The old man said "well Sonny we first made love here 50 years ago agains that same fense. It is our aniversary so we decided to try it again. The only problem is that 50 years ago that fence wasn't electric."

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