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Caregiving for Caner Patients(Need Help)


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My name is Melissa and I was wondering if anyone one had any information on how to find out if there are any website for funds available for things as skilled nurses or home health aids. See my mother was diganosed with Lung Cancer (Stage 4) in September of 2004. After being diagnosed, her doctors found that it had moved to her brain. In November of '04 they sucessfully removed the tumor and began her on chemotherpy. Throughtout the past 18 months they have switched treatments on her about 5 times cause the cancer has spread to the liver.

Last Monday I had to rush my mother to the hospital because she was have sevre seziures. When we got the results of the CT, her oncologist said that she has 2 more tumors in her brain. They began radiation on her yesterday and she will be getting out of the hospital soon. When she gets out, it looks like she will be needing a nurse or home aid to help her during the day. We have insurance for her, however it does not cover such things as nurses, home care, or even nursing homes. So I was hoping that someone might have some information that could help with this. I would be very grateful for any kind of information. :cry:

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Hi Melissa

First, I am terribly sorry to hear about your Mom. You have found a great place to come for help. Your story reminds me of myself and my mom a bit as I have been her only fulltime caregiver for almost 2 yrs now. This means i am unable to work a paying job. I have looked and looked for something like you are seeking but never really found anything. Many many support groups and numerous things for caregivers, just not actual finacial help. Maybe try on a local basis. WE have medicare plus a supplement and it does pay for a nurse 2 come once a week and a physical therapist 3 times a week, a nutrisionist once a month. This is all paid for since it was all doctor ordered. Talk with your Moms doc and see if something like that can be arranged. I think your mom has to be considered homebound for medicare/insurances to pay.Just because I have not found what i have searched for does not mean its not out there, never keep up trying to help in any way. i just kinda quit the search for help.

God Bless


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Hi Melissa,

I just want to welcome you and say that I am so sorry for all that your mom has gone through and still is going through. That is so sad.

I do not have any answers for you as far as home care, sorry. Just want you to know that I am here for you if you need support or prayers.


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Thank you everyone for your support and comments. I am coming to the realization that there really isn't any type of funding for what my mom needs. But I will continue to look. She is still in the hospital, but is doing better. The seizures have subsided and she is taking to the radiation well. We are hoping that she will be getting out soon.

Thank you again for your comments and if anyone does find anything, please let me know. I will kept an update on how she doing

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