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Just checkin in-5 yrs this month

Cindy RN

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I have been on here everyday but have not posted much.

This has been a busy time for us.

Tom's dad died a month ago and it seens liek something everyday has kept me from getting done what I need to.

I have had a cold-must be that time of the year, all else is fine.

I check in often to see how everybody else is.

This is the month 5 yrs ago I was diagnosed. Seems like a life time! I go at the end of the month for my 3 mos checkup.

I really am not fond of Feb!!

Just think a few more months and SPRING!!!

Love Cindy

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Congratulations, Cindy!

I have a feeling that after your checkup at the end of FEBRUARY that this will become a very favorite month for you.

Glad you can celebrate five years, Cindy. Hoping I can join you in just FOUR more. Let's see.....that's going to put you at NINE years. Now that will give us a BIG celebration to look forward to!


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Five years is just WONDERFUL! Wow, that gives me and alot of other folks alot of hope. Congratulations.

I agree about February. I'm in NY and we just got 26.9 inches of snow, broke the record for NYC. I found myself thinking ALOT about my little camper and the upcoming summer. I can't wait. 77 days till I can go there.

Joanie ((()))

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When my Dad and I first found this site, your story gave him his first glimmer of hope.

Additionally, you have survived a recurrence which my Dad's onc said is an impossibility. When my Dad's onc became argumentive with me, saying "I have one patient, he has hundreds", my only thought was: I wish I could pull CindyRN out of my pocket!

Your survival has inspired more than just us. I hope when you are ten, twenty years out you continue to tell your story. Thanks Cindy, you've helped more people than you ever will know.

Oh and most importantly, congratulations, celebrate, you've achieved a major milestone!

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Cindy, you are a true inspiration for so many people with sclc. You give people a reason to have hope. I was one of those people that read the dreadful statistics and had nothing else to believe. You are a living example that sclc does have survivors!!! You are such a very special person and I sincerely congratulate you at this five year mark!!!

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