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Getting to know you February 11


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I believe in Nana Power.

This is the power my mom claims keeps all her little chilruns safe and sound. My daughter found me crying one day about my dad being sick...she patted my shoulder and said, "ThaTha will be alright. He's has Nana Power."

So Nana Power claims credit for turning hurricane Rita away from Houston.

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Creation. I reconcile both by the thought that a day for God may be thousands/millions/billions of our years here on earth. When he was creating the universe, he spent six of his days doing it with the seventh day being a day of rest.

God is so much bigger and multi-dimensional than we can even comprehend.

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Like Don I believe in both. There is a lot of evidence for evelution but when I look around I see just as much or more evidence of Creation.

Earth and Humanity are so complex I just can not see how they could have possibly sprang from nothing and worked up to what they are now.

I also believe that time is a man made idea. What we see as millions of years could well be but a day in God's time. We are also told that He created man in His own image. Who has ever seen God to know what he looks like. Again maybe He created man to evolve into His Image. Also I believe that the greatest part of God's image is not what can be seen but love. I believe that above all else God is love.

So I don't argue with evelution but I believe that God has a big hand in that as well. It is all a part of Creation :!:

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I believe he caused both,i take the word of GOD literally but i'm not a literalist. I'm explain it this way , if the bible say's it rained cat's and dog's i know the writer was trying to say how hard it rained and not literally cat's and dog's.

In my Churches teaching's we teach that with GOD there is no time as one commenter said time is a man made idea.I could get deeper on the time subject such as what you did 10 yr's ago stand's forever eternally etc:

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