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No, no, no, snow!!

gerbil runner

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We're supposed to have a memorial service for Mom tomorrow at their old church. I ordered a full sheetcake, the handbells are playing (Mom's username was "bellringer") and we have family traveling from out-of-town.

And a blizzard is supposed to arrive overnight. AAUURRGH!

I know it's not the end of the world. And I'm lucky enough to have a freezer big enough to hold the cake. But it's frustrating.

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O no! I just sent my family an email regarding that storm coming. They live south of Boston and northern Rhode Island. I had heard it forecasted on the weather channel. I hope it holds off for you. Donna G

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Aw Jen, What a bummer. Maybe it won't be so bad.(wishful thinking)

It is snowing here right now, they expect 6 to 12 inches.

Keep us posted on what happened. Can you postpone it for another day. I think maybe you can as you said your freezer could hold that sheet cake. I hope so.

I remember your moms obit and she was such a talened lady. I am sure she will have so many people at her memorial. If not tomorrow than another day.


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Hi Jen,

I know it's frusting when bad weather messes things up. Like you said, you know it's not the end of the worid, but you just wanted everyone together, as you should. Good luck and I hope people will be able to make it. I'm from Philly, and in the past I have been in a similiar situation.


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