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avastin and tarceva


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Tim's just finished his 8th round of chemo, the last 4 having had Avastin added. He will get a cat scan in 2 weeks, and then the proposed treatment is avastin every three weeks and tarceva daily. Does anyone have any information on this treatment, and what we can expect?

Thanks for your help!

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You will probably need a good moisturizer for the Tarceva. Deb was on it Last year and developed a badd rash like Acne. Hid it well with make up. Nivea White Cap helped and paper like skin texture. Not sure about avastin though.

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My Dad was on Tarceva for about 3 months. Only side effect was a rash on face and neck area. Doctor told us Tarceva works best on non-smokers so that is encouraging for Tim.

Dad also received Avastin for two treatments. Hard to tell what kind of side effects he experienced as cancer was progressing at the same time.

Praying everything goes well for your husband.


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my mom is on Tarceva. she tested positive for one of the two success-predicting genetic markers, for whatever that's worth. that's why they're giving to her, even though she has no tumors to 'watch'. she has a bit of a rash on her upper torso, occasionally her face, and feels 'dried out' but finds it very tolerable.

watch out for interactions between tarceva and blood thinners.



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I really don't have any advice for the avastin/tarceva combo. But, my Mom has been on both so I can tell you what we've learned.

As others have said, the Tarceva rash seems to be quite common.

It has been speculated that if you get the rash it is working.Simply not true.

The tarceva was very mild compared to the avastin side effects.

The avastin side effects have been extreme fatigue about 3 days after treatment. She also has been experiencing more SOB and some foods irritate her stomach.

I hope that together the two will work wonders for Tim.

I'll be praying that you get good results on his CT scan.

Keep the faith and please keep us posted.

Warm Hugs,


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