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...and why can't chocolate be the cure for cancer?


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Really, why can't something that tastes so good and feels so right not be the cure for cancer? It's a cure for PMS, is added to Ex-Lax to make the cure for constipation easier to swallow...

Why can't chocolate be the cure for cancer? Ready supply, tasty, satisfying...peanuts, caramel and chocolate OR bananas, ice cream and chocolate sauce...

Instead of chemotherapy, how 'bout some choco-therapy? All for a chocolate cure, raise your hand!

(I'm trying to lose some weight, chocolate and Coke are the first things to go and I'm having withdrawals.)

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The way I go lately

I could open the march.

Never use sugar in food

or coffee, but each day

I have a few bars and at

volunteer work we are given

as many Lowney's chocolate

as we want..........good.

Never put on weight with it.

Becky don't forget the negative calories

of food that I printed a long time ago,

it does work.

Let's the march start.


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Hey Snowflake...I'll go for that...I am eating a Reese's peanut butter cup as we speak and i feel the healing power...

Oh yeah...yummm...

Take care kids and eat choc like snowflake say's....Hey! they say that dark chocolate is good for you...OK..I got one of 'dem" in the frig too....I'll go get on...Just being funny here...we have to have lots of humor in our journey...good for the soul...hugs to all and stay well


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