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Prayers please


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I want to ask for your prayers for two of the most selfless people I have ever met. Our pastor and his wife Sharon.

They have been the source of stability and help for this small comunity for several years. After the fire they were there to offer help, prayers and support for all who needed it.

For 4 and a half years Sharon was a Uteran Cancer surviver. Several months ago she developed a mass in her abdomin. When it was removed a tumor was found attatched to her colon. Sense then she has had 3 regular series of chemo and two one week series in the hospital where she recieved chemo every day. A year ago she was a stout lady. Today when I saw her in church she looked like skin stretched over bones.

They are debating operating on her again. I don't understand their reasoning. No tests have been done recently but the tumor is so big we can see it. I look at this dear lady and I see that death is not far away.

Even in her weakened condition she still attends church each week and plays the panio. She also assists with the children's Sunday School class. They maintain a small food bank for anyone in need in the comunity and he often does repairs for those who can't afford to hire someone. They are there to offer prayers hope and encouragement to everyone even those who never attend church. Not once do you hear either of them complain.

A few months ago I lost my oldest friend to this same thing. Now I know that it will not be long before another dear friend will go home. I ask that you say a little prayer that this dear couple will have whatever they need to get through the days ahead and when the time comes her passing will be free of pain. Thank you all so much for being such caring people. God Bless.

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