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Continue the story.....


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We've done this before and know it can be fun.

So here's how it works I will start with one line, like once upon a time, then the next poster will come up with a line like I went to the store, then the next poster will make up another line and so on!

So lets make up a crazy whacky story!


I'll start..........

I was walking down the street and........


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What can I possibly do to satisfy this craving for chocolate donuts until Kasey arrives? Then, Frank remembered that there was one unopened beer in his truck. As Frank reached for the beer.......

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Everybunny hopped in. [Luckily, disguised as a coffee bean picker, Juan Valdez, was Eppie. She was trying to earn a few extra bucks gigging as a model for this new Drink Coffee not Booze ad compaign brought to you by Starbucks. She was recruited as the designated driver so our dearest loved ones here at Lcsc would come to no harm.]

All went well, until Frank noticed that....

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