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A mama update

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It has been a while, so I thought I'd update everyone. Mom's therapists and the insurance company determined that mom was not making significant enough progress to stay at rehab, so she was moved rather quickly on Friday to the "short-term stay rehab unit" at the nursing home. The place is very fancy to look at, ice cream parlor, private room, plasma screeen TVs, etc. So, this a welcome change for mom. She likes those aspects, but says that the help sucks. I tend to agree. She moved there Friday and has not seen a therapist yet. Her nurse/aides over the weekend would not allow her to get out of bed "until therapy assesses her." She was made to use the bedpan and could not even get up to go tour the place with us. They were giving her 3 stool softeners per day and so she was having messes all over the place every half hour or so. I cleaned her up and then it would happen again. We told the nurse to stop or lessen the stool softeners. Duh..

The nurse thanked me when I left and said I didn't have to do what I did, and I just told her that I don't want to mom to be in pain there too-she is sooooooooooooo red again...

SF and brother took mom to her MRI this morning and I am off tomorrow to go get the results from the neurosurgeon. We will transport mom. I pray that the bumps in the road do not cause her pain. Pain has been very bad lately. I thought it was from the therapy, but it is in her ribs-when she coughs, moves, breathes, pretty much anything.

Watching the pain is by far the worst thing for me. I am not sure how much more her poor body can take, but she wants to get up to go to the bathroom and I think that as long as she wants to, she should!! I hope the MRI transport went OK today and that she gets assessed today. We are planning on having my son Graden's 6th bday celebration at her place tomorrow evening. He is a V-Day baby. Cake and ice cream for all!!

Love, me

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Real nice of them to transfer your mom to the new place when they KNOW that no therapy will be done and no assessments done on the weekend! At least where she was at, she could get up on her own! Frustrating!!!

Hope they will d/c the stool softeners. She obviously has no need for them.

I so hope that all goes well at the new facility.

Enjoy your birthday celebration. Party hats all around!


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(((Lori))) You are such a warm and loving daughter. I am sure your mother truly appreciates all you do for her, and the love between the two of you is such a blessing. I pray for you and your mom every day, and I hope and pray that her pain be eased soon, and that she receive the loving care she deserves.

Enjoy your celebration tomorrow, and revel in the moments. These are the moments that life are made for. Happy Birthday Graden!

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