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She is fine and living a wonderful wonderful life! I'm so happy for her. I am posting this so that you long-timers out there can stop wondering and worrying! Hugs,

Hey Lady -

Sorry to disappear on you all!

Busy isn't the word!

Had to plan (and attend!) our annual sales meeting down in Sanibel, Florida (gorgeous!), and then had my boyfriend meet me down there for an additional 3 days of love and fun in the sun! Awesome. Didn't wanna come home!

Youngest suddenly has her drivers license, so there's been lots of phone calls (insurance, looking for cars) and arguments ("I don't want THAT car!") going on!

So between the kids, the boyfriend (who is soooooooo attentive and affectionate I can't pull myself away at any point during the weekend to spend time online!), the dog and work - my computer time has been at a minimum!

Oh, and I was interviewed for an article that's going to be in PINK magazine (a women's business magazine) regarding my cancer, treatments and life. I think they're only using a few quotes and my picture. I'll let you know when it's printed.

So summer is around the corner, along with motorcycle weather...but the new guy doesn't ride.....guess I'll have to ride more during the week! LOL!

Tell everyone I think of them often and pray for them daily. I will try to get in there sometime this week to at least make a short post - and feel free to quote me on all of the above too!

Hugs and prayers,


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I'm SO HAPPY to see your going on with your life. WAY TO GO GIRLFRIEND! :wink:

It's also nice to see you post on the board. I see you posted to my message about Fay. I WILL make sure she knows your thoughts and prayers are with her. I DO RELAY all that everyone at LCSC has shared.

SO GOOD to HEAR FROM YOU again Sandy. Stop in every now and then.


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Thanks Katie for posting about Sandy.

I also saw her post under the post about Fay, and was so glad to see her picture.

I am so glad that everything is falling into place for her. And so proud of everything she has accomplished.

Life is good.

Maryanne :wink:

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