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Scan Results - Charlie


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Charlie's CT scans got moved up to today. The results are that the cancer is stable and there are some minor radiation changes.

The dr. put him on another antibiotic, prednisone and a strong cough medicine. We are hopeful that his cough will be much better soon. He is sore all over from the coughing.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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Stable cancer......good news for sure. Now if the meds get that cough under control.....Charlie will be a new man! I'll be hoping he continues along this path for a LOONGGGGGGGGG time, Tina.

Thanks for the prompt update. I tend to get anxious over results, ya know?

Happy Valentine's Day to you both :wink:


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I've been reading up on radiation pneumonitis since I posted this thread. Sounds like he has classic symptoms for this complication of radiation/chemo.

Sue: He was given morphine sulfate for the cough. None of the other cough medicines seemed to do any good--tesselon pearles, cheritussion (I think this is similar to the one you mentioned), and the inhaler he uses. Maybe this would help Mike, too.??

In the last 3 hours, he has only coughed a few times...much less than before. He has been sleeping for about an hour....wooooooow. I'm ready for a nap, too. Take care.

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Stable is such good news! I have had Charlie in my prayers for some time now, and it warms my heart to know that God hears our prayers and answers them with hope and good news. I will always pray for Charlie and continue to ask for more good news and for regression, remission and cure.

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