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Hi guys, Please if anyone knows where i can find any information on sclc mets to bones, please let me know. I have heard and read some things that scare me to death. The dr says only months left without a new trial treatment. How could it work so fast to kill you?????? I have always said I wanna go to heaven but not yet. I have a 3yr old to raise.

any info will be appreciated



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(((Nancy))) -

I do not know about SLCS mets to bone -- but do have experience with NSCLC mets to bone. Radiation is extremely effective in shutting down areas --- chemo for all over spreading.

Lots of love and prayers coming your way that you get a treatment plan moving ASAP.



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Nancy...Dennis had sclc and was given the drug that Katie mentioned, Zometa. Also, radiation was very effective in controlling his pain from the mets to his spine. I'm sending hugs and saying prayers for you!

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Nancy alot has to do where the met's are on whether they can radiate. My wife was unable to recieve radiation as the radiation because of where the met's were would have done more harm than good so she did really good on Zometa. I do know of one lady who had breast cancer that it had gone to her bone's so bad that they actually looked like swiss cheese and they not only stopped it but15 year's later she is still doing good, so nothing is hopeless.....

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