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Terrible taste in my mouth


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Hi Everyone, Happy Valentines Day !!

Ok...I know I am not the only one who has had this terrible taste, I can't be !!!

I had chemo today and then radiation on my shoulder....since then I have this really bad taste. It really isn't a metal taste, I cannot describe it...any body else have this problem and what did they do? Thanks so much ....Linda

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Hi Linda,

I had the same thing. I couldn't decribe it, but it is from the chemo. Mine went away in about a day or two if I remember correctly. I just drank alot of water. Sorry I can't offer anymore help. This to will pass. Good luck.


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I had a "taste" with radiation. Had it during the actual zap and an after taste. I sucked on tangerine Altoids Sours during my nuking and it helped. Didn't make it go away, just helped.

Only 10% of patients experience that wonderful taste, welcome to the top of the class! :roll:

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My husband had the taste too. We tried so many things and we never really found what worked. Just the taste made him sick, so he drank ensure, boost, and those types of things. He decided it was easier to choke down a drink than to try to chew food. The drinks must have worked for him, because his weight stayed the same for six months of chemo. He also ate ice cream. The cold seemed to help get things down. Milk shakes and other drinks worked well.

I asked him what he would tell people who have the taste and his only advice was to tell them not to eat their favorite foods, because the bad taste has stuck with some of the things. he is just now getting back to eating the things he ate during chemo and his last one was in August.

His taste only lasted about 3 or 4 days. Then he was able to eat again without the taste. Some people recommend plastic silverware too.

I wish I could be more help.

Good Luck,


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i had the "taste" too. Just like Becky I got mine when I was zapped with the radiation. It really is yucky and had to describe. However, you really can taste something very strange.

Mine (I know this is strange) developed into an adversion of plastic things. I don't know maybe the taste reminded me of plastic?? For whatever reason I now (some 4 yrs later) can't use any plastic silverware, plastic glasses etc. Anything that goes into my mouth has to be glass or metal. Using a plastic spoon makes me gag...

I don't know how to fix it but I do know that it is real. Like the others said maybe mints or something will work??

Good luck. Tami

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