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Looking for general supplement info for patients


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As a relatively new member of this board, I didn't see any posts about nutritional supplements overall. I did read the highly-specific and technical info at NEF.COM, but I wonder whether anyone has come across a more patient-friendly site or article.

I'm interested in information that addresses supplements to counter chemotherapy side effects, as well as countering lung cancer in particular.

I'm currently taking 200 mg of B6 day to prevent peripheral neurpathy, and 30 g/day of Glutamine for the first 5 days of chemo to counteract joint/muscle pain. I've recently started 400 mg/day Celebrex for the joint pain, and because recent testing has shown possible good effects in combo with Carbo/Taxol. (All this is being done with blessing of onc).

The things I've read tend to be cautionary--while chemo symptoms might be lessened, the chemo itself might be lessened in effect, too. Guidance welcomed!

Love and prayers to all,


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