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Mom/recently diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell cancer


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My 4 sisters and I, along with our spouses, are doing the best we can, to support and assist our 70 year old mom. She just retired and after being a widow for 33 years, raising 5 daughters, she gets slammed with this....everyone here can identify, I'm sure, with these emotions....we switched oncologists, recently and are hopeful for a chemo/radiation concurrent treatment. Getting a second opinion, about the second lung (if it is truly a mets) and hoping for some optimism. Taking one day at a time. Thank you all, for being so courageous and giving me hope.

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Hi Jode,

Welcome here. Sorry you had to find us but as you can see we are a pilar of strength for support here, or questions you may want some answers too.

And yes, we all have walked in your shoes. It is devestigating at first because the first thing you think it is a death sentence. Do not even put that in your mind as that is so wrong. Many many people here have beaten the odds. They just have to find the right treatment for her. Once there is a plan and treatment is started you all will feel much better.

You certainly are doing the right thing by getting a 2nd opinion.

I pray she get good results.

Keep us posted, we are here for you along with all your sisters. Great family!!

Stay positive as that is half the battle. NEVER give up!!

Just a fast pointer, if you have questions for her Onochologist or any doctor write it down so you don't forget. Also whoever goes with your mom for her doc. visits, bring a paper and pencil and write down what she is told.

If that is your little boy in your avitar, he is adorable, looks like his mom. :D

Maryanne :wink:

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Hi Jodi and welcome. I am very new here but have already found some really great advice, support and LOTS of hope!

My mother is a 6+ year survivor of breast cancer and I remember how devastating it was to hear of her situation. The very best thing done for her, and us, at the time was doing lots of research and finding what we all believed were the best doctors and the best options. It sounds like this is what you are doing and I believe it will pay off for you and your family.

As Maryanne said, I found everything seemed brighter once a plan was in place.

Very best of wishes. I look forward to hearing good news from you soon!

Blessings, Krista

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Welcome Jodi,

We are glad you found us. There are so many wonderful , caring, knowlegeable people here to help you. The more information we have on your mom , the more we can help. Every case is unique, but treatments are oftentimes the same. There seems to always be someone to offer experience or advice with most situations. Know that my prayers are with you and your family.


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