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I cancelled going to Miami to check on a clinical trial due to Ken's bloodwork done in the ER on Sat. His bilirubin was at 2.6, for the trial it had to be under 1.5. O.K. so on Friday we had gone to the GP doctor just to get established with him again. He ordered blood work and I got the results late yesterday.

On Friday's test his bilirubin was 1.2! On Saturdays test his liver enzymes were way, way up. Look at Friday's and they are less than half of Sat. How could things more than double overnight? Especially, when they said they could not find out what was causing his fever. I feel that even though I told them he had multiple liver tumors, once they saw the scan they just automatically assumed that was the problem. Just because you have cancer doesn't mean something else can't be wrong.

Anyway, I called his GP's office and explained all this and asked to have blood work done again, so they are faxing an order. It is just so frustrating. Has anyone had blood work change so dramatically overnight?

Moffitt has approached us about a Phase I trial there. It sounds kind of brutal and Ken does not know if he wants to do it. It would require a lot of trips over to Tampa. I told him it was his decision, but it was really hard for me to give up when there was still something to try. I know the Dr. over at Moffitt would not recommend the trial if he thought Ken was on the verge of death. Of course I told Ken I would support whatever he decides.

I am really hoping the blood work today will be back down. He did have a small fever again last night. His blood work on Friday was not to bad considering, but Sat's. was scary. Sorry to go on so long, just really bewildered.

Karen H

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