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Scan Results for Keith


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Although Valentines Day was a wonderful day to celebrate our love, it was shadowed by Keith's recent scan results that he received yesterday morning.

This scan showed that the tumors in his liver have had rapid and advanced progression. It is just changing and moving so fast in his liver.

I'm just so scared, and I don't know what to be watching for now. What are some of the signs that his liver function is struggling? What are some of the symptoms of liver failure? What are some of the things I can do to help? He is already taking Milk Thistle, but what else is there for the liver as far as treatment or alternative treatments?

I just don't understand how this is happening. Everything else is moving slowly and fairly stable, but the liver is just going crazy. It just seems like yesterday I was asking about his liver and possible radiostatic abalition. The onc told us that the liver was not his primary concern as there were only 4 lesions there and they were so tiny as to not be a concern. The appointment pior to yesterday, he mentioned that he talked to a doctor about a possible treatment for his liver, but it was ruled out because now Keith's liver has way too many tumors, more than can be counted, and it is just in too bad of shape. Why don't doctors just treat something even if it isn't the concern at the time, before it becomes the one thing that is of major concern?

Keith's treatment with Alimta has been stopped. The oncologist said that with all the chemo Keith has had, he has exhausted the treatments that he feels could work for him. There are two chemos he could give, but he feels these are more for maintenance of stable disease than for trying to stop the progression. So, he has gone full circle and is starting Keith on CPT-11 on Friday. That is the first chemo Keith was given back in April-May 2003. I've never heard of a doctor giving a chemo that didn't have good result over again.

I could really use some advice, some suggestions of what else to try, I could use some hope, and I really could use my friends here.

God, I feel like I have been so needy here lately, and I apologize for that. I've gone through 3 years, thankfully with fairly stable and long plateaus between dips into the low valleys. But lately it seems all our news takes us to descent and this recent valley we are in almost looks too deep to climb back out of. I don't want to give up. Keith isn't ready to give up. We have a LOT of fight left in us.

I do believe the verses John 14:13-14 "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do." and Mark 11:24 "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them"

I am trying to have faith and believe that my prayers are answered already. But oh the fear is hard on me. I struggle. I am just so weak and easy prey for satan to fill me with doubt.

It doesn't help I guess that with fertility issues I've had to quit my anti-depressants cold turkey. :cry:

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I know what you are struggling with, sounds so much like my husbands situation. Fay answered a post of mine with really good information on what to look for with liver failure.

Ken's liver has many very large tumors yet he is still doing ok. Fatigue is bad, some mental confusion, bad sometimes. However, even with his massive amount of tumors (I've seen his last scan and there is a section that has just become one huge tumor) his Dr. at Moffitt has sent us info on a phase I trial so he must not feel he is too far gone yet. You have to have a certain life expectancy to get in a trial.

From what I know a large part of your liver can be damaged and it can still function, so I know hearing multiple tumors is so scary but hang in there, maybe something will stop or shrink them.

Since they are going back to prior chemos it might be time for him to look at clinical trials. I know in Ken's case that is the only option we have.

Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen H

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You and Keith have my prayers. I'm so sorry about the latest scan results. Sorry I can't answer any of your questions, but things you don't understand don't be afraid to ask why . I probably drive Mike's doctors crazy , but I ask lots of questions. I find they don't always have the answers , but I keep asking. God be with you and Keith.

Love and Prayers,


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I am sorry to hear about the progression. I have heard SAM-e is another alternative medicine. I have read to avoid much animal protien and follow other diet restrictions. Sodium limits and liquid limits.

I know really nothing about SAM-e and personally am not sure if I would try it but you can research it further.

I hope everything turns around

A few other things I have found but have not researched further

1) Inhibition of liver metastasis by targeting of immunomodulators using mannosylated liposome carriers.

2) Interesting ... though for colon cancer

Effects of triple therapy with octreotide, galanin and serotonin

on liver metastasis of human colon cancer in xenografts

3) I know Keith is off the Avastin ... Don't know if he can handle chemoembolism. They are trying this for liver mets. I think the chemo is directly delivered as Ry mentioned through the portal vein

http://www.treatment-options.com/articl ... &KeyWords=

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Dear Carleen,

You are not needy! You need support from all those who care for you and that is only human! You have been through so much. Please try enjoy each day to the fullest and find joy in everything you can even the little things! You and Keith are both in our thoughts and prayers! God Bless and take care!


Botley & Mother

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(((((Carleen))))) (((((Keith)))))

I haven't interacted much with you Carleen--I started coming here at a time when you hadn't been posting much and I've been slow to get your story... but as I have I have come to so respect and admire both you and Keith. Your courage and hope are simply beautiful.

I know this setback is terrifying. And I wish there was more I could do to support you. But know that I will pray. That I do care. And that I will cling to hope with you--and when it's hard for you to cling to, I'll cling to it FOR you along with everyone else here.

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