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I'm not sure what it means


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Today is the 6-month anniversary of my quitting smoking and my nsclc diagnosis. The quitting smoking I get -- its a very good thing. The diagnosis thing I don't quite get -- do I now have 6 months less mortality?; should I even be celebrating the diagnosis? It's a chicken/egg thing.

Anyway, I am going to celebrate the non-smoking anniversary by going out and treating myself to something special. The diagnosis thing I'll ignore.

Please excuse the rambling. I have a PET scan scheduled for Friday and have been feeling extremely anxious this week. Does this happen with every anniversary and with every big test? Guess I just have to get used to this new way of life.


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Good for you and not smoking.....I will celebrate with you. I am always looking for a reason to celebrate. About the issue of dx and scans.....well.....yes.....I do believe we all have them EVERY time. Sorry to let you in on this. But, hey, it's true. As time goes by I am told it gets better, but I'm not to that point yet. So looks like we can just look forward to some point in time finding things easier to deal with! Until then, let's keep finding our own reasons to celebrate!


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congratulations on your 6 months of no smoking Trish. I hope your PET scan brings you good news. I have ct scan coming up in 2 weeks. I won't get antsy until I am at the oncologist's office waiting for the report.

I will be sitting in the little room waiting, staring at the wall practicing my deep breathing until he comes in. There will be a few moments of pleasantry and small talk... and then THE REPORT.

Don M

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Yeah it does Trish, but as time goes on it's ALITTLE easier if your NED. Or you just learn how to put it in the back of you mind better. If that makes any sense. Yea for the smoking thing. Be way proud of yourself. That's big and I know the feeling. Good luck and take care. Hopefully you'll turn around and it will be six yrs.


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Congratulations Trish on six months smoke free. And there is also reason to celebrate six months since diagnosis, because you have been victorious in battle. That is also something to celebrate. Maybe that means you get to treat yourself to two something specials.

I pray that your scans turn out to show good news. I wish I could say that the anxiety goes away with time, but in my case and for my husband it hasn't. After 3 years we still get physically ill with anxiety just waiting for test and result time. It may be different if you are NED, or in remission. I can't say because we've never been there. But, when those fears and anxiety arise, all the loving members and family here at LCSC are a lifesaver. Lean on us, and we will help carry the burden.

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