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Thanks for your wonderful support - we are doing ok


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Thank you, thank you!! (((((all of you)))))-- You had the most wonderful things to say in response to the news of my dad's passing and the manner of his death. I have shared your responses with my family, especially Jane, my stepmom, and we have all been very touched and comforted by your words - you seem to know the right things to say and how to say them!!! My Dad was a warrier, a fighter, a perfectionist, a doer...., a man who could always conquer just about any problem or issue he ever faced!! I was soooooo proud to have him be my Dad. He met his match in this awful disease but he also did what he had to do in the end for the type of person he was - he took back control and ended things on his terms.

My Dad was an incredible man and we are blessed to have had him and his influence in our lives. We did our best to celebrate his life and I think he would be proud - a week long gathering or family and friends with many late nights of sharing stories and memories of Dad's life!! It was so great to hear things about him from people that were life long friends. I am struggling with exhaustion - emotional and physical, but will be ok. Jane is doing fantastic but I know she will come crashing down when the last family member leaves. We are going to try to keep her busy and will be there to support her through what I know will be a very difficult journey.

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