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Prayers requested


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My dear SIL's sister (did that make sense?) was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with cancer - they think the primary was in the gall bladder - any way, she is really struggling to survive. One month since diagnosis, she is in CCU and on a ventitalator, has only had one chemo treatment as they can't stabilize her. We just lost my FIL at Christmas from pancreatic cancer. Has been a rough couple of months.

SIL told me of a neighbor of hers who is very young (three little one's at home) and has also been diagnosed with lung cancer - she asked if I would talk to her - hopefully this week. I will encourage her to come online - you guys are the best - and if anyone can give her hope, it is you! Oh, by the way, my SIL's sister's name is Mary. Thanks for the prayers,

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Thank you all for your prayers, however, Mary lost her fight this a.m. Originally, she was told six months to a year - you know the drill - but she didn't even make it six weeks. She was a devoted aunt and daughter - lived with her mom and helped to take care of her. My niece and nephew will miss her terribly - as will her sister (my SIL). I hope and pray her mom makes it through this - she lost a son last year quite young also and Mary, her other sister Ronni and mom all lived together. You are all the best. P.S. to Kasey - I live about 30 min. north of Pittsburgh in Beaver County.

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