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Karen335's surgery


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Thanks Lori for posting an update.... :)

Hi all,

Thanks for all your prayers. I got home on Thursday, Feb 16th at about 9:30 PM. Kind of a late release, but wanted to leave the hospital and get home. My little puppie missed me. She is my baby (Sassie), 6lb min-pin.

My surgery went well, doctor says he got clean margins in the brain (necrosis) his words a good resection. The first surgery 2 yrs ago gave me a 2-1/2" scar and was glued closed. This time it was more extensive 5" incision and stapled closed, ouch... Said there were viable cells, not too many and he feels he got them all. Not sure what next step is til I see him in two weeks(neurosurgeon). Balance is better, no headaches, feel really good.

praying this will be the last surgery. I have been really blessed...

My hair is shoulder length and the doctor cut off about 5" underneath all the curls. He actually cut it very nice so the top part comes down over the bandages.

I will post more on the results after I go to the doctor February 28th...

I am so happy to read the news about Fay A., Teri, Lori's mom and others on here. We are due for a lot of good news...

Hugs and prayers to all,


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