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New here for Mom


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Hi everyone. My mother was diagnosed about a year ago. She is doing well on Iressa. I have some questions but I am not sure if I am supposed to ask them here in the "introduce yourself" forum or go on. I think I will try under the discussion part.

Thank you all in advance for your support.


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Welcome Andrea. I hope we will be of help to you. Would you want to share what type of lung cancer your Mom has? What kind of treatments she has had or what is planned? The cough syrups over the counter in the drug store do not have codiene. Are you trying to help her cough something up in order to cut the amount of coughing or do you think you want to stop the coughing? Is her throat dry? Is she well hydrated? Any fever? Is the Dr. aware that she is coughing a lot? I sure have lots of questions , don't I. O yes what color if she is coughing something up? If it is clear should be oK but if otherwise it needs to come up and perhaps she needs her Dr to know what is coming up. O well don't want to scare you away so we will wait for your reply. Again- Welcome :D Donna

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I'm pretty new here myself but I've found a lot of great information and people seem very supportive of one another which is really great because even though friends and family are supportive they can't know what it feels like to actually have the disease.

I'm sure that any questions you have can be answered by the many knowledgeable people in this forum.

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