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what else can happen?


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:roll: I have NSCLC stage IV am taking chemo treaments. Have had 2 treaments already. Don't have bad side affects except for leg muscle & bone aches for about 6 days after my treatment. My body is listening that I don't intend to die of lung cancer for a few more years! :D As the problems I have had before the treatment is either gone or largely improved!!!

But now my body deceided to test my self esteem!!!! :? just to see how much I really want to live!!!

My right leg just wouldn't give up the pain I was having even though it was 9 days after my treatment I finialy called the Dr yesterday about it & had to go right to the hospital :cry: for a dobbler xray of my leg. Found I had blood clots :x

I have to take one Warfarin a day pluss 2 shots aday. :cry: I freaked out when I found out I had to give them to myself :shock:

Well! I am finding out that God is showing me that I can DO!!! different things that I always said I could never do! I found out I can do 3 things that ( I couldn't never do) since the 2 months that I have lung cancer. :o

Yes I am giving mt self shots!!! :wink:

I am ready for a new day! and on my guard for any new surprises!! :):wink:

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Guest DaveG


Sorry to hear about the new problems. If you need anything, let Barb or I know. We're only minutes away. I have a book for you, and hope to get it to you soon.

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Hi Estelle,

BUMMER!!!!!!! Sorry to hear you had/have a blood clot!! BIG BUMMER!! However they do seem to be one of the pit falls of having lung cancer. :(

BUT, the GOOD NEWS IS, they are fixable!!! HOORAY!!!!! :o:o Just one more bump in the road to being a SURVIVOR!!! THIS TO SHALL PASS!!!

Take Care my Friend, and keep us up to date on how your doing. I sooooo enjoyed our talk the other day!! Your a trooper and a SURVIVOR.

God be with you!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Love your name, because it was my mom's middle name and the one she preferred to use.

Your attitude in the face of your problems is truly remarkable! Your post about the pain in the leg turning out to be blood clots could be a real heads-up for the rest of us. I'm praying that things go well for you from here on in. Write again.

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You're a better patient than I was. I had to take Neupogen shots every day when my white cell counts went too low. My daughter was up to the challenge, and gave me a shot daily for 10 days!

So do your shots and keep up the good fight! Sending positive vibes your way. JudyB

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