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Getting to know you February 18


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I go for comfort every time. I am lucky because for work I can pretty much wear what I want. Most of the time it is scrubs. The rest of the time I wear the tshirt knit pants and a pullover shirt.

When I get home it is comfort all the way. First thing to go are the shoes and the next is the bra. I can't believe that for 50 years I wore a bra everyday and had no idea what freedom doing without one at home could be like. Of coarse I wear sweat suits or big sloppy shirts when I am not wearing a bra. In the summer it is shorts and tank tops. If I stay in the house I go bra less but if I go out in public I'm smart enough to know that gravity is not pretty :!:

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Well in the past it had to be style when I look back and think of some of the ridiculous sports cars I have owned and they were definitely not in the least bit comfortable. Now I drive a 4 door... So I would now say comfort..

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