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Marryanne I think this one is for you. You said to let you know when I had one of my special experiences and I think this qualifies.

Two mornings ago I was walking Misty. I saw a bird land nearby and thought it was a robin but couldn't tell for sure. As you know robins are one of my signs that I had asked Johnny for and they seem to appear when I need them most. I started walking closer and instead of flying away it turned toward me so I could see it's orange breast and know for sure. That was real special because sense the fire her I have not seen one robin here. I have seen them in other places and as I said once before the word robin can come up unexpectedly. Well I stayed there for a couple of minutes and got as close as 20 feet or less and it didn't fly away.

Then yesterday morning when I was walking her I kept looking for a robin again but no luck. Just as I was ready to give up I heard a quail rooster crow. Another of my signs. Sometimes I have heard them everyday but I hadn't heard one in several weeks until yesterday. It didn't stop there either. It was like a chores of quail all trying to out crow the other. It lasted for a good 5 minutes.

I was supposed to work today but the forcast gave snow. I made arragements to have someone take my place if I couldn't make it. Sure enough when I got up at 5 am it was comming down pretty good. At 7 it was still snowing so I called the lady to take my place. I hated to give up a days work at $130 but it is 20 miles down to town and there are places on the road that can be too dangerous for someone not used to driving in snow and ice.

When I took Misty for her walk I put on an old jacket of Johnny's. I felt like something special would happen today for some reason. I kept waiting and thought that I might get his scent on the jacket even knowing that I had washed it before he died and he had never worn it again. Still I had that feeling.

I went to the post office to get my mail. My son had sent me a DVD of my granddaughters wedding pictures. I called to tell him that I got it and we talked about his brother's parade last night. As you can imagine those two things together left me feeling a little blue about missing them.

I decided that sense it was costing me so much to stay at home that I would wash my kitchen walls. I was nearly done when I decided to take the curtains down to wash them. When I went to the window I noticed that it was snowing again. That pleased me because I didn't want to miss a days work with just the little that had fallen earlier. While at the window I saw a movement. When I looked down there he was. The biggest fattest Robin I have ever seen! He was just standing there in the snow. Not just standing but in a way that put his breast facing right at me. It was like he was making sure I knew what I was seeing :!:

Maybe these things are coinsidence but it sure didn't feel that way. Usually when something special happens it will be several things in a row. Now I am waiting and wondering what next?

I never did find the calculator. I have looked everywhere even under my loveseat and down between the cushions. It has just vanished. I bought another one but I am carefull not to over do it. I don't want that one to disappear too :!:

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