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done radiation


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Good news, I had my last radiation treatment today 14 out of 14.

Bad news i feel like cr@p. got a head ach and feel run down. But it could be from my tooth that split and I think is infected. gotta see my denist today. my radioligest (sp?) wants me to start the steroids again. I pray for the day when I feel normal again. the funny thing is i havent been sick from cancer at all, just from treatments for the cancer. I think I need to go home and lay down.

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Hey Ray,

The end of any treatment is a day to celebrate. I bet when you get that tooth fixed, you will feel a whole bunch better.

Now each day forward is one day closer to regaining your strength and stamina.


Ginny D

Am at work and don't know how to sign on as a member

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Sorry you don' feel well today. I was told that the chemo really has an effect on your dental health. Make sure you tell you dentist. They asked me beforr I began chemo if I had any dental problems, and that chemo would be posponed if so. An anti-biotic is something you may need too! Do you have any chemo left? You go home and lie down! Dr's orders!


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Congrats on the completion of treatments. Hope you get your tooth fixed and you feel better......

Question, before going to dentist should we ask our onc's first? Especially if you have to have one pulled, crowned, drilling causing bleeding, etc.....

Please let me know.

Thank you, and your posts are fun to read. You have a great sense of humor.

God Bless you,



Dx'd 3-03 3a

Taxol/carbo, radiation

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Glad to hear you're done with raditation. Once you get that tooth stuff done and rest up for a bit, you'll be your old self again!!!!! (By the way, I can sure identify with your feeling fine before the treatments; my 79 year old Dad was living independently and doing a good job of it; now less than 4 months later, well, I just can't begin to describe the changes I've seen). Ray, your a young guy; you'll bounce back but give yourself some time.

Congrats on being done!!!!

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