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Do you have a Hard Drive Pass, Ry?

cindi o'h

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Doggone computer is still giving me fits.

I just rescued it from the shop after a list of expensive repairs, and it seems to continue to misfunction for me. It keeps crashing even though the hard drive was replaced. Could the new hard drive be faulty?


I hope to get through all the news, but you cannot even hold me to that.

I been missing and hankering for you all. :cry:

Cindi o'h

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Boy, Cindi, am I glad to hear it's only your computer that's been on the fritz and not YOU! I was worried you had a tragic luging accident or something :shock: ! Is the computer a new one? Thought you got one not too long ago, but maybe it was just getting fixed then too.

We have all MISSED you so and WORRIED about you! I am breathng a sigh of relief. I think I hear a lot of other ones too!



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