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Getting to Know You - February 20


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Yep we're watching. I think John and the kids have watched every hockey game both men and women. I love the ice skating so I have been trying to catch that. Not keen on the skiing or speed skating but love the snow boarders. Is it driving anyone else nuts the way they break away from one competition and go to another? I don't like that--

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I am definitely watching the Olympics. I must confess that I missed part of the coverage on Thursday night because I watched Dancing With The Stars...lol! Like Lil and Ry, I love the skating. I would love to have that level of coordination and physical ability. But...I am finding that I enjoy most all of the winter sports. Saturday afternoon, I even watched a couple of hours of womens curling.

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I like the ice skating, ski jumps and snow boarding.

It's a shame the US is doing to bad. Disapointment in Bode Miller, Appolo and some of our girl skiers, also feel so bad for Michele Kwan.

I do watch the Hockey, but I miss when they had the amatures playing. Not the same anymore because they are all professionals. I will never forget the 1980 Hockey game. Awesome!!

Can't wait for the female ice skaters this week.

Watch when I can. I still have my other shows to watch, Desparate Housewives, Greys Anatomy etc. But I turn back during commercials. Sometimes I watch late night when they play it again.

I really like the summer olypmics much better.

Maryanne :wink:

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I have been watching quite a bit of the Olympics. I even found myself watching all the Curling matches, but to tell you the truth I would now like to go back to regular programming and all my Law and Order shows.

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