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I'm pretending and hiding


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Hi all~

Things are going so well here that I am able to pretend that it will always be going well. It's a good and bad thing. If the beast is in hiding then I am hidden from the reality of all of this and what is to come and can pretend.

Do you know what I mean???

I think of you everyday and pray specifically and in general for everyone on here!

Just a quick medical update on my mom:

she was really tired and coughing and I called her onc. and pulmonologist about two weeks before her scheduled appts. and they had her get a CT and bloodwork. The CT looked good but her red blood cell count was low so she is getting shots of Aranesp every two weeks and is now feeling really good and going to assist my sister and her family for 3 weeks as they are moving again! Her pulmonary function has improved as well!

Thanks for being here! I'm going to try to be more present and not pretend and hide.

Kelly :D

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Kelly, I am so glad to hear that things are going well. It's so nice to be able to "pretend" when things are good. I remember having those "pretend" days and they were so nice. I pray that things continue to improve for your mom and that soon these "pretend" times will be "real."

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Glad to hear things are going well for your mom. Enjoy those "pretend days". I can sure relate and I have enjoyed quite a few of those along the way. It is kind of hard on the reality days, but sometimes you just have to go along and live life the best you can under the circumstances. God Bless you.



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I am so glad you checked in :) . You MUST know how I worry about you and your Mother and wonder how things are going. Glad that all sounds good at present. So.....enjoy this time. My hopes are that you will have MANY MANY years of this 'pretend' time...and that it never ends :lol: !

You mentioned that Mom's pulmonary function has improved.....how has that affected her O2 use?

Tell Mother I said.....WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are excused THIS time for being away so long ~ better check in with us more often now though :wink: !

Love to you both,


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Hey! I've been wondering about you! So glad to hear that your mom's doing well. I know exactly what you mean by 'hiding.' I like to think of my mom's O2 as the newest fashion accessory. If she didn't have that hose all the time, it would be easy right now to pretend this isn't her reality.

I'm just glad I can do that at this point! We've passed the oone-year mark, and I'm hoping that she keeps on truckin'.

Keep taking good care of your mom, and keep us updated!

:) Kelly

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Hi Kelly,

So glad your mom is doing so well and that you were able to enjoy some normal life for a while. Even if you feel it is "Pretending". I know what you mean, as about a year and a half ago my husband was having stable scan results fairly regularly for about a year. For a while there it was so nice to live life as if everything was normal and like it used to be.

I pray that in your mom's case, that pretending never find need to end. I pray that she continue to get better and better. My wish is that everone here gets to a place in their lives where they have no need for this board. I look forward to seeing posts that say, all is great and going to be great from here forward and I am leaving to live my life and future free from cancer, worry for me no more.

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