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rectal bleeding


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I just started a stronger dose of taxotere on monday.by wed i was admitted to the hospital for 2 days,severe diareah with bleeding.they were going to do a colonoscopy on friday but cancelled as there was a power outage at the hospital.i was released.went for bloodwork today,white count way too low,cant do scope.

has anyone had this problem?Im afraid to go for the next chemo if this is what caused the bleeding.

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Then don't go for the next chemo until the white count is back up and the scope has been completed. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR about your concerns. It is YOUR body and YOU get to call the shots. Blood is supposed to stay inside our bodies, any blood from any where is something a doctor should be aware of. Do you have a fever? Any other symptoms?

Call their office, ask questions, state your concerns and be confident with what you are doing. Don't let 'em bully you around, YOU are paying THEM and in the end, the body is yours. Listen to your body, get answers that make sense, and get better.

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I actually had rectal bleeding during my chemo for the breast. Several oncologists and the gastro guys all felt the bleeding was unrelated to the chemo. I did become anemic, and had to delay the next treatment for a week.

They never did decide what the bleeding was from.


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I also had problems with that and still do to some extent. I think mine is caused from the Tarceva. I did have a colonoscopy and they found a polyp, but besides that all was good.

Good luck with your problem. When in preparation for the colonoscopy, I took the visicol tablets. I have heard this was better than the stuff you have to drink. No doubt, it cleans you out.


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Just like the chemo dries out the skin sometimes it can also dry put the mucous membranes to such an extent they develop ischemic areas. A lot of us have had trouble with nose bleeds. Mine ooze constantly until the chemo stopped. I also had blood in my stools. The colonoscopy showed the ischemia. This is essentially a dry spot or area of a thinned out wall in the intestine.

Hopefully it and your WBC will be corrected soon. You will be in our prayers.[/b]

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