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2-20-06 Fay A.

Fay A.

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Fay, I too am so happy to see your smiling face at last.

My mom, very early on, was at risk of serious bleeding. The doctors advised having morphine on hand, which would ease breathing and anxiety in case of a major bleed. I pray this never happens for you, but I know you would want your loved ones to be prepared as best as possible.

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Fay, I'm sorry to hear about the coughing up blood, but am glad that you have the medications to control the pain and anxiety you are feeling. I pray that you are comfortable and peaceful. I pray that nothing scary ever comes your way.

Fay, you've always held a space in my heart from the first time I met you back in 2003. You joined I think about a month after I did, and from that moment you've been so giving and loving to all here. You are an amazing lady, full of grace, dignity, wisdom and love. You share hope so freely and you care so openly. You don't need to be grateful to us for being allowed this space. I need to thank you for being in this space. You've made it an easier road for me on so many occassions.

Thank you, and you have my love and respect.

PS, I think in all this time this is the first I've seen your beautiful face. You are stunning. :shock:

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Dear, incredible Fay! Still posting, and sharing with us through it all...

Love is indeed, still in abundance in the world. And you have shared so much of it with all of us. Sending LOTS of love, and prayers to you, beautiful lady. It is such an honor to know you!

Praying for your peace, and comfort, ALWAYS!


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Well, in short, this breaks my heart. Knowing you are a survivor from way back when we were on the old boards and were diagnosed the same time my dad was...it's all hard to digest. Of course, right now, I'm not the best judge of these things...

Your thoughts on U of Ohio's studies on PKD and cancer are interesting. I showed it to my husband last night and he thinks it is very promising. If only...

Best wishes to you, my good friend.

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Sure is good to hear from you Fay and know that some stuff is helping with the pain. I too love your picture. Your smile starts from the inside and then we get to enjoy it. Keep up the fight. This old disease needs to be kicked by all of us. Thanks so much for encouraging all of us. you are in my prayers. pammie.

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