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My sister JCAWORK has passed away


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I am sorry to tell everyone this terrible news but I feel like you guys understand, Please read my obit it says moe and I will update it later.

My sister was the best in the world and now I am lost. How will I begin again. Well never begin again but how will I move on.

She loved you all very much and will miss you even more

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I know it hurts and it will for a while now. My condolences to you and your family. Lost my wife 1 month ago tomorrow. Let the grief come out whenever and whereever it happens. it is the best thing for you. My prayers and condolences to You and your Family.

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So sorry to hear the news about Jen.

My deepest sympathies to you and all of her family.

She faught so hard and was a very brave lady. Her presence here will be missed so much.

This news is so sad as she faught such a hard battle. My heart breaks for the lovely family of hers.


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Please accept my condolences and prayers for your famiy. Jen was a hard fighter and endured more than what should be anyone's burden. I hope your family may find some comfort and peace in the ensuing days. May the support of all of us here help sustain you.


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Am on hall pass and had a urge to check the site this morning and now i know why. Jen was such a fighter and will be missed by all, i just lost my wife 3 week's ago tomorrow to this dreaded disease and please stay strong for Jen's family. GOD i hate this Disease......Larry

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