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Jen's passing, please pray with us (JCAWORK)


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Jen's sister just contacted me and asked me to inform the board of what was happening at this time...

Jen is in the process of passing as she chatted with me. She wanted all on her friends and family to pray...please, if you have had contact with Jen and remember her struggle please pray that her passing is peaceful and pain free. We need to give the family the support and strength we have all taken on as the LCHELP family.

God bless.

JCAWORK: hello who is this

Dollfan19: abby

Dollfan19: hi jen

JCAWORK: abby are you jenfriend

Dollfan19: yes

JCAWORK: this is debbie her sister

Dollfan19: hi debbie

JCAWORK: abby jen is passing away now

JCAWORK: we are with her

Dollfan19: I am so sorry

JCAWORK: and it is almost time

Dollfan19: go be with her

Dollfan19: hold her

Dollfan19: tell her how much you love her

JCAWORK: could you please ask for prys on the board i am to upset

Dollfan19: absolutely

JCAWORK: ithat her whole family and friends are with her and she is ready to leave

JCAWORK: i am crying as i wright this

Dollfan19: its ok

JCAWORK: but would love your help

Dollfan19: pelasew go be with her

Dollfan19: I will do it now

JCAWORK: i will check her llllchelp notes later

JCAWORK: and up date

Dollfan19: have the strength to guide her


JCAWORK: she is irish and drank to the end and she loved everyone on this board as so do i

JCAWORK: i hope god will call soon

Dollfan19: talk to her

Dollfan19: she can hear you

Dollfan19: hold her tight

JCAWORK: we brought her home from the hospital to be next to the fire

Dollfan19: and she will embrace


JCAWORK: i will send my love i have to go

Dollfan19: love to all

JCAWORK: my email is weebledeb@aol.com

Dollfan19: god is with you

JCAWORK: so please email

Dollfan19: I will

JCAWORK: i need to be with her

Dollfan19: if there is anything you need I am here

Dollfan19: go

JCAWORK: love you for being her friend

Dollfan19: love and hugs

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