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Worrying scan result

j ross

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We have just returned from a visit to our oncologist where we received the following report (I'll paraphrase}:

Comparison is made with the scan October 05. Appearances of the small mediastinal nodes are unchanged from previously. In the left lower zone however within the lung parenchyma I am suspicious that there is slow progression. At the leval of the carina the lung parenchymal nodule has doubled in volume. In the adomen, liver and adrenals remain clear. Appearances are consistent with slow progresiom.

The nodules are still very small (1mm).

We are now going to the top lung cancer centre in London as they have access to more clinical trials etc.

The onc. says we should discontinue iressa, he does not think that tarceva will be beneficial but we will check this out (I do not know whether anyone follows Tom Cross' website but tarcea after iressa seemed to help.}

Any commments gratefully appreciated.



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Our onc put John on tarceva following the Iressa. It is certainly worth a try as it is much easier than going back to the IV chemotherapy. What is the harm in trying? A scan will show if it is helping and if not then go to plan B.

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I think we will try and see if we can have a shot at Tarceva as we can tell quite quickly if it is having a benefit. Also looking into avastin. This has been a terrible blow as Barry is feeling so ok. (But then it is to everyone in this position).

I will keep you posted.


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