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Chemo Questions

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Hi all,

Dick has just finished his first chemo treatment. Two weeks ago was first treatment. Apart from being tired and having flu like symptoms, he was doing OK. Yesterday, after his hair fell out, he experienced his first case of nausea. Is this normal after being off Chemo for two weeks? He has one more week to go and then has one more treatment before returning for surgery. Thanks for any insight. Maybe the nausea was due to seeing his hair fall out :shock:


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Hi Cheryl,

Sometimes the effects of chemo can happen up to 3 weeks after treatment. My father was on taxotere/carboplatin and it was causing his platelets to drop for several weeks after they had changed him to Navelbine. It sounds like your hubby has the same dx as my father. He was dx 5/03 with adenosquamous tumor and adenocarcinoma in one node. This Thursday will be his final treatment. Onc says we wait 3 weeks before scan and we are PRAYING it will show he is ready for surgery.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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It has happened to my dad immediately after chemo, and it has happened over a few weeks after...there's no telling when it can occur. SOmetimes meds make them sick too, and even anti-nausea meds that aren't taken the right way or regularly can make them sick too.

Just when I think I find a pattern to how the chemo affects him, the pattern changes.

Just keep an eye out for dehydration and try to get him to eat.

Blessing for you both.

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