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Hi everyone, mark here, (Leslie221 husband)


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Alright, I think I have figured out this site. My mind has been in another place the past while, could not focus on anything requiring some sort of thought process!

I have been having a difficult time with the loss of my soul mate, best friend, companion and the one person on the planet that knew me and took care of me. I so miss her, it just is so painful. The pain of loss starts from the depths of your soul and progresses right up through the gut. It physically hurts.

I can tell all of you, Leslie did stand out in a crowd. Leslie had such an extreme love for all creatures great and small. That is why I have so many critters around my house. Eight cats on the front porch, four in the house and two big dogs. I will continue for her, to take care of the bunch. I think maybe she has gone to dog and cat heaven!! All animals were attracted to her. I use to call her the animal goddess.

Leslie's influence upon my life has help me become the person I am today. When we met, she was obviously attracted to me. I asked her what she would see in a guy like me? She seemed (and was) so intelligent. I short changed myself from low self esteem. Leslie boosted my confidence all the time, and corrected my vocabulary quite often, which in the beginning frustrated me, but I soon realized she was trying to help me. I guess it worked as I manage a multi-million dollor power plant, something back then that I knew I could never do.

I find such great comfort with the knowledge that Leslie touched all of you in such a way. I wish all of you could have known her personally, in person. Leslie was the most beautiful, loving, caring person I have had to pleasure to have known and loved. I have a feeling she and I have been together a long, long time. We all share this universe. In her words, we circle each other throughout time finding one another, the seperating again only to find each other again. Leslie wrote this to me in a poem she gave me not too long after we had met. I stiil have it in a frame over my headboard.

Please, if you all would like to?, we want to build a nice xeroscape garden in her honor next to the post office she worked. Please send any donation to Leslie Guilloz Memorial Fund C/O Crook Post Office, Crook, Colorado 80726 We will build a nice garden for her. I will take pics to share with you. Maybe a placard can be placed with names of persons she touched in the LCSC.

Ok, I hope to hear back from you all,

Take care and best to you all,


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Hi Mark,

I have a picture in my mind of a box of pink roses that were sitting on your porch. It must have come from a photo that Leslie had published. Will these go into the garden too.

I believe you without question that she stood out in a crowd. I don't know when she had time to sleep. Not only was she intelligent and extraordinarily well rounded but she was the most giving woman. Unconditionally, giving to us all.

You were blessed thoroughly to have been the partner to a woman so beautiful as Leslie.

Cindi o'h

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Leslie certainly was a wonderful woman. She made everyone feel special here, myself included. I hold her in the highest regard. I remember she used to call me "kiddo"... I have grown to love her in the short time that that I've gotten known her. I miss her presence immensely.

I believe Leslie's birthday is February 21. Sending her my love from here. Happy birthday dearest Leslie. You are never forgotten.

Mark, I hope you are holding up. Prayers for better days ahead.



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Mark, honey, it's so good to hear from you. I think it sounds like you're doing great, considering. what a blessing, that you recognize so clearly what she brought to your relationship and the world.

she and I were kindred souls, we talked often about yoga and air america, she from her red state and me from my blue.

I will make a donation next pay day, and please know that we're here, and she lives on through the immense contributions she made to this Board.

love and prayers to you and all those critters who've lost their goddess on earth...



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Oh Mark...I am SO glad to see your post, and hear how you are. I, as I'm sure many others here, are still positively stunned from the loss. I can only imagine the pain, and loss you must feel... :cry:

Leslie was an incredible soul in this life - I only "knew" her a short time - but you could sense what a sensitive, and caring person she was. I am positive she is an incredible soul in her current home, as well. I like your image of her in animal heaven. It fits.

I would be honored to contribute to your cause. I think it is a beautiful, and perpetual way to honor such a lovely lady. She would really dig it too!

As I said, her passing really messed with me. But I had a really neat experience a couple of days later, that while I feel a little strange sharing it here, I will PM you about it, sometime. I think it may make sense to you...

It is good to see you post - please don't be a stranger. Leslie helped SO MANY here...I know she'd want us to give back to you.

Wishing you (and ALL those 4-leggeds :wink: ) peace!


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Dear Mark,

As you and all of us know.....Leslie was a remarkable personna! I do believe that her soulmate must bee quite extraordinary as well. It is good to see you here. We all can still feel a bit 'touched' by Leslie because of it. Today is her birthday and I remember her favorite cake to be devil's food. I will forever remember that bit of info and never again look at devil's food cake without remembering this very special lady who came into my life, supported me in my fears, and made me feel that we had been friends forever.

Wishing you more good days than sad, many happy memories, and may all those 4-legged critters fill you with as much joy as they did Leslie.



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Mark, we knew Leslie for a year and she had a huge effect on the survivors and members of this board. I could only imagine how you feel over her loss, loving her for 16 plus years.

She made everyone feel welcome and at ease, as if she didn't have a care of her own. She was very selfless and her posts reflected this. In light of your tremendous loss, I'm glad to hear you're trudging through the best you can.

Thanks for posting where we can donate. A contribution to her wonderful tribute is the least I can do to thank her for being here for myself and others.

Please keep us updated on this project and let us know how you are doing. We all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time and the shoulders that hang around here are quite broad.

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Great to hear from you Mark.

Leslie was very special to so many people on here, myself included. I spoke to her more than anyone else on here and I miss her so much. I can't even imagine how hard this is for you, but know that we are thinking of you. Hope to speak to you on here more often.


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