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My mom passed away.


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I just finished updating my profile. It had been awhile since I posted, and it was hard to update it knowing what the final entry would be.

How quickly this changed her life. I can't believe that less than a year ago, she seemed healthy, happy and content. Her final hours were spent with family, and I was by her side when she left. I'm just beside myself and don't know what to do now.

We had her funeral on Saturday. Here is a picture of her when she was well and happy...just a little over two years ago, when my daughter was born, her namesake, Caroline.


My thoughts and prayers are will all of you. I pray for hope and strength for you and your families.[/img]

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Thank you for all of your warm replies and prayers. It's nice to hear the comments on the picture. A little history...I am a single mom and my daughter's father is not involved in her life, nor was he involved throughout my pregnancy. My mom was there for me throughout my entire pregnancy. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted her with me when I had her.

I don't know what the bigger miricle was...bringing my daughter into the world, or watching my mom while I was bringing my daughter into the world. My mom was so amazed and proud, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I remember her amazement when Caroline was crowning, and it dawned on her that all of the "hair" she saw down there was actually her granddaughter's head! LOL It was so funny!! Granted, my daughter had a headful from birth. But to remember her so excited, and going from saying that she didn't think she could watch, to seeing her leave my side to watch this baby come into the world, well, it just makes my heart swell. She was such a wonderful mother to me...even though I let her down so many times. She never gave up on me. I am grateful to be able to carry on her name and spirit in my daughter.

Thanks for listening. Although I didn't post much on this board throughout her illness, I came here often just to read. I pray for all of you and your families who are affected by this disease.

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I'm so very sorry for your loss! I lost my Dad to NSCLC on 11-18-05 and as it's only been 3mts I could tell you that in time you will feel better.I still think of my Dad all the time but I don't burst into tears everytime I think of him. Time heals but not for a long time.

Take care of yourself and your beautiful Daughter thats what your Mom would want.

You will be in my prayers


Dad DX 4-01-05 NSCLC

Passed away 11-18-05 Only 66 years old :cry::cry:

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I'm just so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. What a sweet memory of your Mom sharing the birth of your daughter. And even more so that your little girl gets to carry on her name.

There are so many here in the grieving process right with you. I hope that you decide to stay with us.

Praying for your strength to carry you through this difficult time.

Warm Hugs,


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