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Ladies, Re: no longer having a menstral due to chemo


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Angela first I want to wish you well today and pray all goes smoothly. Your last post said you are having surgery today, Wed. 2/22. Hope you get an Epidural and a PCA for your comfort post op.

I had chemo and had instant menopause. I had never missed a menses til then and have never seen one since but I was 50. I did take hormones for about a year because I had severe hot flashes night and day. I stopped when my sister got breast cancer, that scared me for I am at risk and hormones increase that and believe me I did not want another cancer to deal with. I could deal better with a flash and those had died down.

Where you are younger I am not sure whether you will get a monthly again, did you ask the doctor?

Again wishing you well today. Donna G

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That isn't necessarily the case....mine only stopped for about a year and a half and then started up again. In my case, I won't be taking hormone replacement therapy because I've had breast cancer too, but that's a personal choice all women must weigh with their physician.

Best of luck with your surgery.


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Well, mine went away for about 18 months after treatments, and then it came back and went away and came back and went away for several years.

I was 43 years old when I started this journey.

Being you are just starting this journey, I would say, don't worry about your period for now. You'll have lots of time to deal with it later.

Everyone is different when it comes to this anyway.

I know of some that did chemo's and there periods came back a year later and they had normal periods after that.

Slow down for now, and we'll chat about this topic after you have completed your treatments.

OH, just want to mention, that I did have HOTFLASHES. Just another added attration of doing chemo. :roll::wink:

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