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Brother's chemo is working


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I know it's been a long time since I've updated about my brother. He is extremely private and has made it clear he wants to go thru his throat cancer and treatments alone.

I did get a short update from him this weekend. He is doing his last chemo round this week. They hospitalize him every time he gets chemo due to extremely low counts and the fact that he gets violently ill for a few days.

All that said, the tumors in his neck are gone. (you could physically see and feel them before) SO he concluded his chemo must be working! He has also gained 10 pounds inbetween the last round of chemo and this one.

I'm sure there will be tests again- but right now, just hearing the positivity in his voice and reassurance that HE thinks he is going to be ok, sounds wonderful to me.

There's more to come, I know...but for now, we are taking this little bit as GOOD NEWS.

Thanks to all for your concern and prayers. Please keep him in your prayers, and hope the good news continues.


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