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To Paradise


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To Paradise

We were so happy in our little Earthly home

Then God took you to lead a choir of angels

Before the golden thrown

He touched your hand and led you

To a place I can't yet go

To a home that's filled with stardust

And streets are paved with gold

I can almost see you there

In that special place

Where all pain and sorrow

With joy have been replaced

I toil along the road of life

So bumpy and so rough

My heart cries out "I need You"

But God says "not enough"

Your Earthly chores are over

For you are needed there

Many animals and children

Need your special care

My work on Earth is not yet done

Nor all lessons have I learned

I know someday I'll join you

When Paradise I've earned

When my heart is heavy

And aches with such deep sorrow

I think about the joy we'll share

When we meet that great tomorrow

I started this as a present for Johnny for Christmas and ended up finishing it for Valentines day. The day that would have been our aniversary.

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