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Connie B

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Congratulations Dana on ONE YEAR of being CANCER FREE! :D:D Way to go girl! I remember that ONE YEAR mark and for me it really was a big deal, and the funny thing is, I'm coming on 14 years now and it's STILL a BIG THING! :wink: Here's wishing you many many many many...... more years of being CANCER FREE! :wink::D

Hip Hip HOORAY, I hope your celebrating Today!

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Hi Diane and how nice of you to pop out and join in with us. Although it's always great to meet and see survivors. As survivors we offer HOPE to those that are just beginning this fight and some that are in this fight for the second or third time around. :(

I'm sorry to see your in this for round two, but I am glad to see you've been along term survivor and I'm HOPEFUL you will continue to be a survivor and will beat this a second time around. Many people have and do beat more then once. :wink:

It's very nice to meet you and I hope to see you and all the new members post more often.

My prayers will be with you May 12th when you get your scan results.

Let us know how things go.

Sending you Positive vibes and good wishes for good results.

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Hi Muriel and HAPPY 6 Wonderful Years! :D

Wow, it's been 6 years for you, that's AWESOME!!!!

You have been such an inspiration here for so many people. It's always great when we can offer HOPE to those just starting this journey. I'm glad I was lucky enough to meet you in person on this journey.

Happy, Happy, 6 Years!

Here's to many many many many many more years!

Hope you and Con plan to celebrate. Wishing you both much happiness and good health.

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Good One Ned! :lol::lol::lol:

Way to Go Kasey Girl! You ROCK!!!!!!! Happy Happy 5 Years, Happy 5 Years, Happy Happy FIVE YEARS TO KASEY............... Happy 5 Years To You!!

April 26, 1995 I was dx.d with a mass in my left lung, my journey began.

I am heading for my CT scan results today and am HOPEFUL it will be okay. My last scan showed one of my nodules grew from 6mm to 1.2 cm so today is a little scanxity day for me. I've been flying along for a long time with these little tiny nodules, and to have it go to 1.2 cm welllllllllll.. Wish me luck. I'm thinking positive!

Happy 5 Years!!!!!!!! Clink, Clink, It's a reason to drink! Happy five years! :wink::wink::D:D

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Fingers, toes and even my eyes crossed for you, girlfriend!!! You rock and nothing can keep you down!!!!

Today is my 31 month mark ----- and that stupid doc said I wouldn't even last 12!!!!

Toasting to all you survivors with a glass of white zin!!!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I just wanted to add my survivor story..

Dx march 2007.. stage 2

at 48 years old mother and wife of 2 children 12 and 15

had a long cough since December 06 finally did x ray after months of antibiots and cough meds...and they said I had phnemonia.. come back in a month came back in a month coughing like crazy and they said my upper left lung was collapased- need to see pumologist.. ok did the biopsy said it was the LC geezz.. were not sure what to do close to the hilar region.. ok

they started me on cisplatinum and taxoteer every 3 weeks.. for 4 sessons after 2nd treatment cough was going away after last chemo..

cough was gone.. yipeeee

CT 6/ 07 and lung had reinflated and they said ok they wanted to take the whole left lung and so they did a complete phneomenoctomy

they did my surgery at Sutter- Best doctors and best hospital.

7/07 was in the hospital for 5 days..

I have had clear scans other than one nodual that was found

like almost 2 years ago they think was scar tissue.. and pray it stays taht way.

I am so blessed and still have lots of anxiety as I do a ct scan every 3 months and CEA blood work every other 3 months..

CEA was at 12 when 1st dx

now CEA is at 05.

lst CEA was in Feb 09 and was .05

next ct scan is July of 09 and already getting scanaxiety..

I feel I have been blessed and thank god for life ..

I can pretty much do everything with one lung as I did with too except run up hills or walk fast up hills and High altitude is a little weird but its dooable..

I also .. I love to help others who have been dx and want to be able to help whenever I can..

I am so happy to add to all of the rest of these posts.

Thank you 'Lisa


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Hi Lisa and Welcome to the place none of us wish to be a part of, however you will find a great group of friends & support here.

I'm glad to see your a Survivor and that your doing so well. Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love Good New here at LCSC. I hope to get to know you better over the years.

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Connie, thanks for starting this thread in Feb '06--WOW!--and Lisa for calling it to my attention. Welcome to our family.

I'm 20 mos since my dx. I weathered six rounds of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin and 11 Avastin maintenance infusions with raging bp and overwhelming fatigue. But I'm still here and was fortunate to have a year in remission, 6 mos of that off treatment. There were a blessed few months there for which I am so grateful.

I'm back on treatment, Alimta this time. Side effects tolerable. Hope to stay on it a long long time.

Judy in Key West

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Hi All

I'm new to this site and saw your request for lung cancer survivors to share their stories and this is my first post. 14June2010

I'm very glad that I found this fantastic site, I'm only a 4 months survivor so far, but I hope to be here for a long time.

Many more years to all of you other survivors!


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Dear Rose & Eftal,

I would like to welcome you both to LCSC. I would like to say Congratulations on being a LC Survivor! :D:D I too am a Stage III A-B lung cancer survivor, and I am coming up to being a 15 year survivor. I wish you both to be a 15 year survivor too. :wink:

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, Keep coming back. I look forward to getting to know you.

I sure would like to hear from all of our Lung Cancer Survivors. How about we ALL check in?!?!

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Eftal and Rose, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read your posts. I'm four months shy of being a three-year survivor. Had a little glitch in my last scan and find myself slipping too often in the worry lane. I was just thinking last night that I needed to bump the thread I'd started some time ago for advanced lung cancer survivors but this thread will do just fine! Thanks for the reminder of how many of us there are out here successfully fighting if not even conquering the beast.

Judy in KW

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Muriel, I loved reading your post!! Thanks

Judy, I look at every day as a gift. Sure, some days are not as good as others but all in all I feel as if I can beat the "beast". I just have to super vigilant in observing/checking my body and its responses. For the past 2 1/2 years I've been a hospice volunteer visiting a patient who was given up to 6 months. "My Lady", as I like to call her, is still eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream for lunch and wiggling her big toe to the beat of the music. She turned 81 last July.

In my "Living with Cancer" Group we have a member who is 80 years old.....she's had lung cancer twice, breast cancer twice (second time in her scar) and colon cancer. I aim to be like her. Keep your spirits high and your fighting resolve strong. Love and Peace

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Hello everyone, It's been a long time since I've visited here. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2006. It's been 4 years and NED!

Lung cancer can be cured, I'm proof of that. In the past year I have taken up bicycling (so far 42 miles is the longest ride yet, however I am signed up for a 60 mile ride on June 26th!) :shock: My lung cancer was cured with surgery; the surgeon took the upper half of my left lung. I did not have to have chemo or radiation and feel very blessed. :D

I want to do what I can to help advocate funding and research for lung cancer. Not everyone who gets lung cancer is a smoker; I believe there are a lot of reasons for lung cancer including the air we breathe.

I would like to see a cure for lung cancer in the near future.

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