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One Day at a time now


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Thank you to Ann for posting for me (and flowers too!)

It has been so up and down. The other night I was worried that Ken might not even last long enough for all the family visits coming up. He was running a fever again, very weak and unsteady, muscle tremors, confusion. Then yesterday he got up early, clear minded (more or less), moving easily. So then I think "well, maybe it will be a couple of months, not weeks."

The hospice nurse and doctor came yesterday. I didn't say anything about the mental confusion issues cause I knew it would make Ken mad. He really just isn't aware of how strange he behaves sometimes and I found it just aggravates him if I mention it when he is lucid so I've decided to just not make an issue of it and go with the flow. The biggest problem is when I bring him his pills twice a day and he insists I already gave them to him. I have to argue with him every time to get him to take them.

The doctor and nurse both told me to stop pushing him to eat. I admit I have been nagging him, it just scares me since I know the dying process includes stopping eating. He has really eaten very little in the last 5 days. He did drink some Boost and last night he did eat some dinner. I promised I wouldn't push him anymore and I think that may be why he made more of an effort last night.

Today, the nurse is coming to draw blood and tomorrow I am taking him to the hospital to get blood. This is because he is so anemic. Hopefully, it will give him a little more energy to face all the family coming in. Extreme fatigue is one of the hallmarks of liver failure so it may not do much good, but it can't hurt.

Our daughter and the baby are coming today. For me that is the best medicine. The baby is pure joy. His oldest son is coming Friday, and his other daughter and her family on Sat. One of his sisters and her daughter are flying in next Thurs. from KY. They are going to fly in and out the same day. His sister has never flown and I am just so touched she is going to so much effort to see him one more time.

I have no idea how much time we have left. Like I said some days it seems like it may be really soon, then other days I get my hopes up for longer. I feel that we have been incredibly blessed that so far he has not had any really bad symptoms. He doesn't feel great, but he is not in pain and has not had any relevant health issues (if you can say that about anyone dying). He is just slowly fading away. All the prayers are working, that's the way I see it. It is so touching how many people here and other places are including him in their prayers. Thank you. He even asked to see the chaplin. He came yesterday, I wasn't there, but I am sure he will come again. That gave a lot of comfort to our daughter. So please keep those prayers and good thoughts coming and know that I continue to pray for all of you.

Karen H

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Continued prayers for Ken that he feels no pain and he will be up to spending sometime with the family.

Strength for you in the coming days, weeks and months ahead... take each day as it comes. I will ask the Lord to wrap his loving arms around you and help to hold you up through this.

Keep us posted.


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I hope you know that many of us are on this journey with you. We are here for you all the time. I wish there was more to do for you both, other than prayers. Since, from afar, that is about all I can offer, let me offer MANY of them to see you through this twist in the road. I hope you can feel the cyber support from up north here, Karen.

((((Karen and Ken))),


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Dear Karen and Ken

Take Pictures for memories. enjoy every second you can get right now. No stress on anyone. Laugh at the good times together.enjoy life to the fullest while able to. I know this is tough to think about. I went through the passing away 1 month ago. Still hurts a lot. share funny stories and enjoy all the love and comfort that your Family is bringing by coming together right now.Much Love, Joy, Prayers, and peace for all of your Family right now

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Continued prayers sent to Ken...

I pray that he makes it to see everyone before his journey... Hopefully, the blood transfusion will give him the strength to get through the days ahead.

Enjoy your company and lean on them when you need comforting.

Prayers also sent to you dear Karen for strength to get through this. You are a amazing woman.


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