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Big sister needs your help

Guest Sally

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Hi name is Sally and I'm from Ireland. Came across this site yesterday and totally addicted already. I'd love to hear some good stories, particularly about NSCLC Stage IIIB/IV. Trying to cope and I find this helps. I pray every day for a cure... :)

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Hi, Sally, and welcome to the board. Sorry to hear about your brother, and so young. There is a 19 year old young man on the board from Peru, and perhaps they can connect. His name is Jay.

Mky wife and I were in Ireland two years ago and loved it. My mom's father's people were from Dublin area, I believe. We enjoyed our stay. I kissed the Blarney Stone, so you can't believe what I say -- ha! ha!

My wife is Stage IV NSCLC and was diagnosed last October. She has had chemo and radiation (she has bone mets) and right now is doing pretty good.

Best to you and your brother, Don

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Hi Sally,

So glad to hear from you. These computers sure are great, bring your message all the way from Ireland.

Sorry to hear about your brother. This cancer does not discriminate. It takes young and old to its web....I hope he is getting along well. I will say special prayers for him and you to be able to help him through some of the hard times till he gets back on his feet for good....God Bless

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