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Tumor Markers Up


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Ed is on a clinical trial Velcade and Alimta. CT Scan on 2/21.Oncologist stated that one tumor has reduced and others are stable, HOWEVER the CEA is up like 250. Doc said he is not going to pay attention to the CEA he will pay attention to the scan. Doc scheduled 2 more cycles. Ed is not eating or drinking liquids. This last week Ed keeps talking about going home we are in LA and his birthplace is Seattle. He told me 2 nights ago we had a home in Pacific County the home his father built. Today Ed woke up from a nap called me and told me I had to get him and take him home. He also called his son and told him the same thing.

Ed started a downhill spiral when he lost his voice and could not swallow. He lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks.

I am begining to feel perhaps Ed should not have anymore chemo.Ed would like to take a break and then take more chemo. Or have the chemo in Seattle. I doubt if that is possible. I don't think a cancer center in Seattle would be cooperating with one in LA to administer the chemo.

He so wants to go home. I want to take him home. If he takes the chemo we won't be able to go until April 7. I don't know if he has that time and he is feeling he doesn't.

For about 4 weeks I have felt Ed is depressed. Ed finally asked the doc for a antidepressent. Last night he took one and had a good night.

Sorry for the rambling. I am concerned about doing the right thing for my husband.

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http://www.seattlecancerwellness.com/ad ... organ.html

This is a link to a cancer center in seattle

Established patients and providers, please call


I do not know if this is possible but a phone call can not hurt. If you don't ask you will never know.

Good luck and many prayers for you and your family

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http://www.uwmedicine.org/PatientCare/I ... rvices.htm

This is University Of Washington Links?

Contact UW Medicine

Harborview Medical Center

UW Medical Center

UW Physicians

UW School of Medicine

UW Medicine Web Site

UW Directory Assistance


Harborview Medical Center

Harborview Medical Center Operator

Tel: 206-731-3000

TTY: 206-731-2800

Clinic Information 206-731-3754

Community Relations 206-731-3041

Health Coverage Services 206-731-3084

Human Resources 206-731-3233

Parking Information 206-731-3254

Patient Information 206-731-3300

Patient Relations 206-731-5000

Release of Information 206-521-1573

More Phone Numbers...


UW Medical Center

UW Medical Center Operator

Tel: 206-598-3300

TTY: 206-598-4002

versity Of Washington Link

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Ed is leaning towards no more chemo. He is still confused.He can hardly walk, he is still not eating enough. When he is sitting on the bed he falls backs and to the right.He losing coordination of his right arm and hand. The radiation oncologist states everything stable and we may have to wait for while before we see change.

He wants to ask the oncologist what harm would it do not to have chemo for 6 weeks so we can go to Seattle.

Last night a social worker came and spoke with us, I asked about Hospice. Ed feels calling in Hospice is a death sentence. The social worker explained that hospice can be pallitive(sp) care. That kind of satisfied Ed.

So Ed still wants to talk to the doctor, he is 80% certain he does not want chemo.

I am trying hard to stay calm and take care of myself. Another sleepless night. Does anyone have magic dust for this?

I am so glad I stopped lurking and joined this great group.

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I am so sorry for what you are going thru...Ed is truly blessed to have such a caring, devoted partner looking out for him. I pray you will find the answers you need, and that Ed may go home.

As for magic dust...I use an occasional Xanax. Seems to put the mind beasties to rest for a time, so I can do the same. :wink:

~ Stacey

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