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Bratislava Pass


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Hello friends,

I shall be off to Bratislava, Slovakia (Central Europe) next week for a work assignment. I Will be there until May (max 90 days), and I'm hoping to visit other nearby countries as well, if I am able to get a Visa-- Hungary and the Czech Republic is only a few hours away by train. While I am very excited as it is my first time outside Southeast Asia, (and my first taste of winter to boot!) I am also anxious as I will be away from my family for a long time.

Dad is doing okay except for his arthritic knee. He's still on Tarceva. He naps a lot during the day. I'm quite worried about the fact that he doesn't have the drive to work anymore even if he is still physically capable to do so. I hope that will change over time, as we all want him to resume to normalcy.

I will still drop by this site if time permits; I have really developed an attachment to the forums and the people I met in the 7 months that I've hung around here. While I claim that I have not had any close friendship with anyone around here, as I live many many miles away from all of you, and our proximity does not permit meet-ups or phone calls. :|

Please know that I will remember all of you in my prayers, and every time I visit a church for the first time, my wish will be to make this LC journey easier for all of us.

Love Always,


PS: I wrote this early as I may be busy in the next couple of days!

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