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Women Drivers - Joke


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I looked over to my left and there was a woman in a brand new Cadillac doing 65 mph with her face up next to her rear view mirror,putting on her eyeliner.

*I looked away **for a couple seconds and when I looked back she was halfway over in my lane, still working on that makeup.

As a man, I don't scare easily. But she scared me so much; I dropped my electric shaver, which knocked the donut out of my other hand.

*In all the confusion of trying to straighten out the car using my knees against the steering wheel,

it knocked my cell phone away from my ear which fell into the coffee between my legs, splashed, and burned Big Jim and the Twins, ruined the d*** phone, soaked my trousers, and disconnected an important call.



*D** women drivers

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I got this in my email this morning. Frank...this didn't come from you, did it? You don't use an electric shaver in the car, do you Frank? Funny...everytime I see the word donut, I think of our Frank!

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