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To Fay A

Laura Ann

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Add my prayers for peace, dear Fay. Yesterday, I printed a post you made last November to a fellow "Nodule Watcher". You detailed your lengthy journey from the discovery of your primary, to the eventual (12 years later!) dx of your cancer. You, again, reiterated the need to push to find a doctor to help us find answers. To relentlessly advocate on our own behalf. I was saddened at your statement that the docs treated you as tho' you were faking things...I know that experience all too well. I feel I'm currently walking the same path you traveled 6 plus years ago...

I say this because I printed your post (along with your beautiful picture :wink: ) to "bring you with me" to my next appointment. You see, I AM going to search for that surgeon, for those answers. You have given me the courage to do so. I will fold your story up, and put it in my pocket, and when those docs start trying to tell me to be a "good little patient, and don't ask questions", I will hold it in my hand, and remember the lessons you've taught.

Praying for your comfort, Fay. And sending you my heartfelt thanks, and admiration for the gifts you've given all of us!

Love You Fay,


Sheri - I love the idea of bringing Fay's vision into reality. What a lovely tribute. Maybe, with enough of us, we could make this happen...

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Prayers and love and peace and serenity go to you dear Fay, and so much more. Your spirit will carry on in each of us. May your family know the joy and comfort you have given to us all.

And to me, the comfort you have given to me.

Your light shines on


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